Pastured Chickens

Our pastured free-range chickens are raised using all organic feed and methods. We raise slower-growing hybrids as well as heritage breeds that have been selected to perform well on pasture. After we culture the grain for 36 hours in goat whey (from our homestead herd, also fed and raised organically), the grain is hand-mixed with the rest of the ingredients right before feeding to ensure optimal freshness. The whey improves the digestibility and nutrient absorption from the grain and we think you can taste the difference! Ample exercise, a diet of pasture, insects and cultured grain results in a richly flavored bird with high amounts of omega-3 rich yellow fat, ideal for baking, roasting and grilling as well as delicious soups.

We are raising two batches of chickens in 2023, ready in early summer and early fall. Necks, heart, liver, and feet are included with whole chickens if desired (no extra charge). Birds range from approximately 3.5- 6 lbs although this can vary somewhat from batch to batch. You may also opt to have your birds cut into parts for an extra $4.50 per bird fee. This can only be done in increments of 6 birds. For every 6 birds you order, you will receive 3 packs of thighs, 3 packs of drumsticks, 3 packs of breasts (4 per pack), two packs of wings (6 per pack), 3 packs of carcasses for stock (2 per pack) as well as feet, livers, hearts and necks if desired. Note: for the fall of 2023, we will not be offering parts.

0-9 birds: $7/lb
10-19 birds: $6.75/lb
20-39 birds: $6.50/lb
40+ birds: $6.25/lb

Fall 2023 Benson Place Chicken Order Form